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Note: If you search for your old device and no results appear it means that device is not eligible for trade-in currently.

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Next steps:
We will arrange a Free courier collection
The courier will collect the device from you
We will Check your device and store it for 10 days
After getting the device, we transfer your money within 2 working days
For more questions contact us:
0860 726 7864 or or Live Chat
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(Only Available in RSA)

When you Trade-in you can either receive a Voucher for our online store as credit to purchase a New Galaxy or get Cash back after purchasing a new Galaxy.

Note: To qualify for a cash back, you must have recently purchased either a new Galaxy Mobile phone, Smart Watch or Tablet and submit the new device IMEI as part of the application below

Apply for Online Trade-in here:

Cash back
Note: You need to provide a valid IMEI for the new device as part of this registration process


(Online Trade in only available in RSA)

Step 1
Visit, then complete the evaluation of your old phone. As part of the application process you will need to confirm the address of where we will collect your old device from
Step 2
Save your content, images and phone book on a cloud based solution and clear all confidential information from your old device.
Our Trade-in partner will contact you to collect your device in 2-3 days
Step 3
Upon successful evaluation, the final trade-in amount for your device will be issued to you as an online voucher that can be used on to purchase any Galaxy. Or as Cash back into your bank account if you have already purchased a new device before your trade-in


(Only available in RSA)

Trade-in your devices at a Samsung Shop nationwide and you will get instant Credit towards your in-store purchase.

How to Trade-in at Samsung stores

Step 1
Bring Your device to participating retailers.
Step 2
Find out your old device's Trade-in value.
Step 3
Immediately use your amount to purchase anything in store.

Is your phone eligible?


Get 100% trade-in value.
Device is completely functional with minor wear & scratches

Visible dents and cracks

Get 65% trade-in value.
Device is completely functional with dents and cracks
Discoloration or dead pixels on LCD display screen
Get 25% trade-in value.
Device is completely functional with damaged display

No power

Get 10% trade-in value.
Device does not switch on


Trade-in and stand a chance to win R 10 000

Bought a new device with your Trade-in Credit? Apply now for your 1st or 2nd Trade-in & Win Entry

Promotion Period

1 December 2020 – 30 November 2021

Monthly Prize Entry

First to Last day of each Calendar Month